Class review in week 4

In this week the design workshop, we made it in different group to discuss the empty public city space. It seems like an unused area of grass or an old car park. The problem of how can we reuse it? Or why it becomes no use

Mind map of the mind map guidlines.

Mind map of the mind map guidlines. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

for a long time.

In different personal opinion, it comes with different idea in the mind maps exercise. It is not only yes or no mind maps. It can be the answer, even can be the question, but after we did the mind maps.  We tried to group the entire problem and the question in a point. Then, it is easier to find out the way to solve the problem.

In the review of the exercise 3 Perth memento, I tried to think about it for a long time when I was doing this exercise. I believe memento for Australia is not hard to find it, but when the topic focuses in Perth. It is a bit hard to do it. Finally, I find Perth mint to be my Perth memento identity. I wonder to listen to other classmate example. Some people use lane way market for the Perth memento. Some classmate use human behalves to mentions Perth lovely and friendly. It is really hard to find the official identity for Perth.

Statue in front of Perth Mint

Statue in front of Perth Mint (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


City of Perth Presentation

City of Perth

City of Perth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the City of Perth presentation, they gave me lots of useful information for my later assignment. It’s lucky of I attended the presentation.

The speakers of city of Perth show out lots of history and rules of we need to follow while we are going to do the project. Also, they showed what the challenge they need to face on when they have the change in the city plan in the history. The presentation gave me a very big impaction in the city of Perth. Since 1833, the first plan of Perth came out in the project. They were not only having the budget problem, even they had the problem in the rule of building structure. Every building in Australia, the government will provide a building code for it. The code will show out what can be change and what need to be keeping in the building. The law and rule need to follow in the plan. At the same, they need to think about how to make the plan for a long life project. Is it suitable for the customer need or the marketing for people?

At the same presentation, they showed out some information of how to change and reuse the laneway to increase the value of the city. It is the part of I really interest and want to know in this presentation. On the other hand, it is a bit upset of most of example is not in Perth. Is it really hard to change it in Perth? After I asked this question in my mind, I designed to focus my project in the laneways in Perth. My project will be a bit like the project “Centre Place, Melbourne”. I felt it’s a good project. They made people keep using it and attract more customers in it for the marketing point.  Also, “Wolf Lane” and “Howard Lane” project is not bad, but both are not what I want to do in my project laneway. i know it will come out lots of problem like the presentation speaker said. It will be safety problem, cleaning problem,

construction problem, but I make my project target in how to attract more people to use it. It is the start for the laneway change.

Wolf Lane

Wolf Lane (Photo credit: kukame)

Centre Place in Melbourne, looking north from ...

Centre Place in Melbourne, looking north from Flinders Lane. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Class review in week 3

In this week, the class is about how to ask the question when we are doing a project for the customer. Also what is the question we need to ask and what is the thing or question we don’t need to.

We start to make the question in the point of services and experiences. Is it related to a product or a brand? Is it important for both sides?

The lecturer shows us few examples. Those design projects are good enough, but at the same time the forcus point miss out or have problem. It’s an example in city “railway square”. The designer creates a stand board to show out the shops in their part, but at the same they post the detail of the shops in a pillar. It is not a problem to show more details for customers, but the pillar just behind the stand board. It is useless to have two same products in a same place. Also, this example leads me to more forces in my future project. A project or design need to have more planning. It likes a mind map, what we need to do? What are the question and the challenges in the processing of the project? Are we really needed that design or idea in the project? What is the meaning of approaches or relation between it in the services and design ideas?

In the exercise 2 “Pack Australia” review, we started to discuss the meaning of “high blow” or “low blow”. Everyone comes with different meaning in the word after read the Roland Barthes essay. Some people think “high blow” and “low blow” depends of how much money in the design project budget. Most of the “high blow” project spent more money in the design logo and the advertisement. Also, some people felt “high blow” product has deeper meaning than the “low blow” product. It is easier to read the low blow then the high blow. In my opinion, high blow maybe has deeper meaning than low blow, but it depend of what you feel and what you see. The personal background and cultural can change people thinking in the product. It seems most of example I got from my classmate. They used beef pie to mention the product related to “Australian”. Is it really “Australian”. For me, may be not.

Class review in week 2

In this class, we start to make a group with around four people. in the class, we make it with 4 different group in different question those provide by the lecturer. The question like “Perth as a creative city”; “Turning Perth’s heritage into cultural tourism opportunities”; or “Innovate public transport system”. The topic of I really interest in is “Activate laneways”, we need to find the good, bad or hope for those question. Also, it is the main point and the target in my later assignment. In every group, we need to write down what we can think about the question and points in the big paper. Then, the funny thing for the discussion is airplane. We need to make the paper airplane by using the paper of we just write down the point. After that throw to different table and the other group keep adding some new points.


During the class, lecturer shows us few different examples under in different brand design idea. Those ideas are base on some famous brand. Those brand are very good example, because nearly everyone know where is the design base from.


In the review of exercise 1, I found out lots of different questions and answers by my classmates. Different colour can comes with different meaning and shape in different personal identity. Some people may think about red is a colour to mean danger, but on the other hand, it may be a happy colour for the other people. According the research and the information, it really depends on the persons’ culture background. It seems elephant. It is a normal animal for some people in their country, but it like the god in the other country like Thailand.


Class review in week 1

First week class, we start at the topic of “What is the Identity?” and “What is the Identity for you?”. It is a bit to do it when you show people the identity without any word and communication. We just use so symbol to do it in a paper. In the class, we found out most people like to use square and line to show their personal identity, but is it those people using the same symbol with same identity. I can say it is not really when you read those word after other classmate leave the common in your paper. At the same time think about what is Perth identity. Unfortunately, it is not much different in this topic Perth.

Different icons or image create different meaning in a thing. It is a good example without any word or explanation, but you will think about the product. It seems a character of “M” with background colour in red. I believe most of people will think about “McDonald”.

In the identity of the product or people, everything keeps changing in the world now, but it comes with sample format in majority. In the product’s evolution, they may be change the colour or the logo in the design, but the brand is not changing in the evolution.

For people, identity seems finger print for people. Everyone comes with different thinking and identity. Even they look like similar, but no one is going to same as each other.Image


McDonalds (Photo credit: SkipSteuart)